What can be categorized as a sexual problem?

A sexual problem is any problem that prevents the man from enjoying his sex life satisfactorily. The problem can arise during any age in the man and it is not necessary that the dysfunction should have had been prominent from the beginning.

The problem can arise out of the blue also.When a couple has sexual intercourse, there are four main stages of sexual response. They are cyclical and they happen every time in the same sequence. They are:





The problem in the male sexual health can be in any one of the stages in the above cycle.

How common is sexual dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunctions are not peculiar to men alone. Even a majority of women are known to suffer with problems in any one of the sexual response cycle. But the fact that men are hesitant to share their problems with a medical person for fear of the fact that he will be labeled an impotent is making matters worse for him. Women, on the other hand a lot more freer to discuss their sexual concerns with their doctors.

The hesitancy or the delay in confessing the problem to the urologist or a doctor is further compounded by the fact that in earlier stages the problem is still treatable and very easily treatable but by the time the man comes out in the open about his dysfunctions, it has been seen that it is too late to be able to treat with medications only and in most of the cases, surgery is the only last resort left to be taken.

What are the causes of sexual dysfunction?

Here is a primer on all the possible causes of sexual problem. While most of the problems are common to both the gender, some of the causes are only peculiar to men.

1. Depressive thoughts:

The first stage of a sexual response cycle originates in the hypothalamus in the brain. When the mind is excited with erotic thoughts, the brain immediately sends the signals to the sexual organs and that is how a person gets an urge to have sex.

Now, when the mind is clouded with depressive thoughts, there is obviously no excitement happening and consequently there is no urge to have sex.

2. High on binge drinking:

A lot of people think gulping down a few pegs of alcohol will help them perform better, but the best performance enhancement comes in a pill from this website which offers reliable results. However, despite the great performance of natural pills, many men still rely on alcohol to improve performance, which often leaves their partner feeling un-aroused or disinterested.

3.Prescriptiondrugs and narcotics

If you are on medication for blood pressure or any cardio vascular disease, you are likely to have some dysfunction. Again if you are being treated for depression and the like and are on medication that may also reduce your libido levels and cut down your sex urge completely albeit temporarily till the effect of the drugs is in your system. Substance abuse can also kill your sex urge.

4.Taking excessive stress

Too much work load and not having adequate rest or sleep can put you in the fast mode but can kill your sexual urge and take a toll on your sexual health. You will need to make lifestyle changes to bring yourself to normalcy. Kick the stress out, live life whole again.

5. Anger mismanagement

Not managing your temper can be detrimental to your bedroom excitement. Try to relax before you decide to get into the act and make sure that you clear all miscommunication gaps between you and your partner and when you do that, you will see the positive difference that it makes.


Anxiety about performance in the bed can put you off gear just when you need to clear your mind and titillate your senses to have a nice sensual time with your partner. Let not doubts and other anxious thoughts bother your bedroom adventures.

7.Overweight and obesity:

Overweight and obesity can reduce the sexual drive. The point is not just psychological but also scientific. Obese men have very low level of testosterone in them and they are prone to having no drive at all. .

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